Sunday, 25 October 2009

Anonymous poem

I've just been reading through some of MMM Mother and Daughter pieces, and came across this beautiful poem, as far as I can ascertain it was written anonymously, but if I have infringed any copyright I apologise, it was written for an adopted child ...

Once there were two women who never knew each other
One you do not remember, the other you call Mother
Two different lives to make you one
One became your guiding star; the other became your sun
The first one gave you life and the second one taught you to live it
The first one gave you a need for love, the second was there to give it
One gave you a nationality; the other gave you a name
One gave you talent; the other gave you aim
One gave you emotions; the other calmed your fears
One saw your first sweet smile; the other dried your tears
One sought for you a home that she could not provide
The other prayed for a child and her hope was not denied
And now you ask me thorough your tears
The age-old question unanswered through the years:
Heredity or environment, which are you a product of
Neither my darling, Neither
Just two different kinds of Love
-- Anonymous


Joyce Lowe said...

Hi Ed,What a lovely poem.It can only have been written by someone who has experieced this sort of love.Joycickles

Anonymous said...

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