Friday, 12 December 2008

My Thoughts rug

I made this rug a few years ago and it was photographed at our last house. Now it is between our beds and is gorgeous to step onto first thing in the morning. It is called My Thoughts because apart from the red sun, nothing else was planned, just laid colours I thought matched or blended. It is almost 6ft long by 3.5ft wide.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Ed, your rug is full of energy!! Very nice, indeed....I love freeform everything...LOL It just seems to feel better than the contraints of what "someone else says to do". :o) I've always been that way and I loath repetition...someone would have to lock me in a padded room if I had to work in a mass production environment...crazy I would be!

Glad you liked my "lady of attitude". :0))

Queen of Dreamsz

Ginger said...

I love that rug awesome!!
I been busy making sprize cookies,tree up,glittered bird am puting on my hanging light kitchen table.So doing christmas findly got a few ideas for my two kids so soon be shopping for them.Yup havent bought anything for them yet. Did my sisters and mom's so they have there christmas from me.Sure hope your getting your's about done .
Hope and pray everyone has a great christmas this year been a ruff one.May we all have a good new Blessed year!

The Muse said...

You made it/ WOW...EXCELLENT!